Monday, 25 November 2013

Stem Ginger and Oat Biscuits

Beautiful recipe based on (LINK).

Comments added as Baking Fanatic from first attempt:

Absolutely fantastic recipe! I completely agree with cookielover below; I used 1tsp of ground ginger, and half tsp of cinnamon, and it didn't hurt the recipe.
I wasn't sure what 'balls' of ginger were so I used about a fat index finger's worth - approx 2.5" - of root ginger, grated it, and squeezed the juice out through a tea strainer (not sure that clarifies anything!).

I have since looked up through the shopping list what was meant by stem ginger.

I did not bother to cube the butter seeing as it was to be melted.

Lovely chewy consistency - a much more comforting biscuit compared to the hardness and harshness of a 'regular' ginger snap. I managed to make 18 biscuits from this recipe.

Mine did not turn out as golden as the ones in the picture; perhaps my syrup was not golden enough, however I have a huge bottle to work through, so maybe I will try using some dark muscovado sugar next time to give a bit more colour... maybe replace 10 - 20g of light muscovado with dark muscovado.

Second attempt - I found Stem Ginger! Amazeballs!

The biscuits turned out lovely and chewy, however as it has been a while since the first attempt, I cannot compare the two.

They had disappeared by 9.30am in the office anyhow!

Will definitely do again.

Alongside Double Chocolate Cookies
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