Friday, 31 January 2014

Sticky Fruit Flapjacks

Based on the Sticky Plum Flapjack Bars recipe from BBC Good Food (LINK).

I have actually made these before, and they turned out fine, if not a little juicy, most probably because I used frozen fruit.

I've been in the mood for a chewy flapjack, so decided to give this recipe another go.

Everything was fine. The bake was perhaps a little bit over at 45 minutes, but otherwise I would say it went well.

The disaster struck when I misguidedly left the flapjacks to cool completely in the tin. After turning it out, I could not slice them at all, without it breaking into misshapen unsightly pieces. I wrapped up the remaining unsliced block in foil, and it did soften a little bit after a couple of hours, but it was still not soft enough to slice adequately.

I felt that this was a waste of ingredients, so will be cautious before making this again.

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