Monday, 5 May 2014

Brooklyn Blackout Cake

Based on the recipe from The Hummingbird Bakery book.

I was nervous about this cake, mainly because it's a layer cake - never attempted one before! - and also because it involves a custard; also never made one from scratch.

The instructions were very clear, the cakes and the custard came out well. My issue was with the assembly. The chilled custard was very stiff despite not chilling it for as long as advised, and I was worried it would destroy the cake as I was spreading it on. I wouldn't chill it again should I make it again (unlikely)!
I also couldn't get the crumbs on neatly so it looked very homemade... Not that I'm complaining, a polished finish on one of my cakes would be suspicious given my less than favourable views on icing.

'Finished' Product
Regarding the taste, I found the cake rather heavy and extremely chocolatey. One for the chocoholics, but not for me... I'm not a chocolate fan.

The 'Cut' - don't mind the speck, that was from another cake!

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