Sunday, 1 June 2014

Swedish Butterscotch and Sea Salt Cookies

Recipe base from Not Quite Nigella (LINK)

I was drawn to this recipe as I am yet to try Swedish baking (minor crimelet as I live in Sweden), and this seemed remarkably simple. It did not disappoint! Very easy to make, tasted lovely, despite some improvisation with the ingredients; milda margarine rather than unsalted butter, ground salt instead of sea salt, vanilpulver rather than vanilla extract (the last being more authentic to Sweden, so nyeh!).

As I have a 'hasty' oven, I removed the biscuits after 10 minutes, but other than that, the instructions were followed.

They were very tasty, and as noted by Not Quite Nigella (NQN), a reward far outweighed by the effort.

Definitely one to do again! I also had two Swedes try them out, and they said they tasted authentic: result!

Easy Peasy

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