Sunday, 8 November 2015

VanVan Donuts

So I'm obviously not publishing these posts in chronological order.

THESE vanilla bean donuts were the ones to christen my new donut pans. I had printed off a few recipes, and these were the ones that seemed most straightforward in terms of ingredients and quantities.

The recipe said it yielded 14, and I believe I got 15. Squeezing power! This refers to the fact that for ease of transferring the batter to the tin, it is easiest to craft a makeshift piping bag by filling a zip lock plastic bag, and cutting a corner off. I reckon if I'd been more efficient (as I am now), I could have gotten one more out.

The recipe instructions gave an unusually high baking temperature of 425°F which translated to nearly 220°C. In the recipe's defence, the baking time was about 2/3 the time I'd seen on other recipes.

Whilst the donuts were fully baked, they had a strange two tone effect from being overbaked on the rounded part in the tins, and very pale on the exposed upper part. I also had mixed feelings about the flavour versus the texture: the flavour was very good and overcame the bake, however the texture was a bit 'claggy', so perhaps more fluid or less flour would benefit this recipe.

As much as I was dissatisfied, I could
I also had fun with my new Wilton colours that came in the mail, and dyed two parts of my glaze: one part a gentle pink colour and the other a fun light blue. As I am not given to frou frou, yet I am still trying to make my baking look a bit attractive, this is the ideal type of cake to decorate as it just takes a dip in the glaze and some sprinkles for an effortless yet eye-catching look.

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