Sunday, 6 December 2015

Cheesy Onion Donuts

Recipe base from The Kitchy Kitchen, link here

It's been a while since I made these so I'm going by my memory here.

I was thoroughly enjoying my donut adventure, and was quite intrigued by this recipe for savoury donuts I came across. I am trying to work out how I did, as it isn't on my Pinterest, but I imagine that app had something to do with it.

The flavours included in the recipe were sound: jalapeno, nice: green onion, good; cheese, jackpot!

I started to think something had gone awry when half of the cheese was left unaccounted for, and there were general grey areas in some parts of the method.

Not a spicy in the donut as I would have liked
I plugged through, and got as frustrated as I ever have been trying to make a suitable batter and then transferring it to the tins. Manage it I did, and everything was more or less ok... until I tried to remove them from the tins to cool completely. The cheese topping made this a real challenge, and as recommended by the recipe I returned them to the oven to melt the cheese further.

It was a massacre, cap'n!
This just resulted in 'plasticising' the cheese, into a texture that I didn't much appreciate.

I was quite annoyed at the whole exercise, and was ready to write it off... until I tasted the most mangled donut. It. Tasted. Amazing. The flavours were on point, and can even be ramped up a notch for more Oomph. The method just wasn't quite right, and I am sure a few personal flourishes were omitted, unknowingly confusing the instructions.

This definitely is a recipe I need to work on, as it has great potential.

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